Emma Sheardown Para Dressage Rider & Motivational Speaker


Welcome to the Website of Emma Sheardown, International Para Dressage Rider and Motivational Speaker



My major achievements incude:

 - 2016 - Long-listed for the Rio Paralympic Games

- 2012 – Short-listed for the London Paralympic Games        

- 2011 - European Championships - Team Gold

- 2011 - European Championships - Individual Silver

- 2011 - European Championships - Freestyle Silver

- 2010 - World Equestrian Games - Freestyle Gold

- 2010 - World Equestrian Games - Individual Bronze

-2009 -  European Championships - Freestyle Gold

- 2009 - European Championships - Individual Silver





"I believe that we all have the potential to achieve and being disabled makes me even more determined to achieve at my sport and with my own lifestyle skills.

I want to inspire all young people, not just those with a disability, to work at whatever challenge is thrown at them"


In my book there is no such word as disabled,

I prefer to think of it as,


          "dIS ABLEd"



    Emma Sheardown x