Introducing Myself

  NAME:   Emma Sheardown  
  LOCATION:   Nottinghamshire  




Having suffered brain damage at birth, I was diagnosed with having Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy effects the function and co-ordination of my arms and my legs as well as balance.

I spent the first six years of my life undergoing physiotherapy, gaining in strength and learning to walk with the help of my parents, my family, and various pieces of equipment.

One day, at the age of six, I literally "took off" and started to walk on my own !!

Ever since then I have strived to improve and continue to develop my physical and lifestyle skills today.


I was very lucky to be bought up on the family farm in Lincolnshire. It was here that not only my love of animals grew,  but animals also became part of my therapy. I loved helping with the family flock of sheep (especially at lambing time!!) and soon became the proud owner of The Syston Flock of Lincoln Longwool Sheep. I then went on to produce the breed champion at the Lincolnshire County Show in 1999.

Living on a farm was handy, as at the age of 2 my Physiotherapist suggested to my parents that one thing that would be good for my physical development........ would be riding!!

This is when my first pony arrived, a Shetland pony called Dusty Bin !!

I started to ride with the Riding for the Disabled Association aged 7 and started competing in RDA dressage competitions, at the age of 16.

At this stage in my life, I was frustrated with what my disability prevented me from doing, particularly with my riding. However, three years after starting RDA and then Para Dressage, I was selected onto the World Class Para Dressage Start and Potential Squad.





 In 2009, I received my first Championship Team 'call up' to represent Team GBR at the Para Dressage European Championships in Norway. It was here that I won my first ever set of Medals - a European Gold and European Silver Medal!!

In 2010, I represented Team GBR at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, USA  and won a World Gold Medal and a World Bronze Medal.

In 2011, I competed at the European Championships in Moorselle, Belgium - Here, I won two Individual Silver Medals and the Team Gold Medal.

I was also very honoured to receive The British Equestrian Federation's Medal of Honour in 2011 !